Marketing with purpose.

Specializing in responsible outdoor brands, I create marketing assets that support a more sustainable future.

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About me

Marketing expert, wannabe-alpinist, vinyl collector, copywriter, equality activist, and American expat in Amsterdam.

I have over 20 years of experience in value proposition development, website & campaign creation, and crafting the perfect message.

My hobbies have always dwelled in nature, making me passionate about sustainability, the outdoors, and climate justice.

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What I offer

With over 20 years of experience, I use research to develop messaging that works.


I take goals and turn them into deliverable plans & assets.


From brand stories to campaigns viewed by millions, I craft effective content.


I build customized, executable campaigns that drive awareness and conversion.

Project Management

Need a microsite? Planning an event? Not sure where to start on an email campaign? I’ve done it all.

Trusted by


Michelle has been a marvellous partner in production and creative, on a complex long-term project which has called for her to consistently navigate challenges with strategic smarts, creative flair, humour and flexibility.

She really goes the extra mile and is very passionate about her work. An absolute joy to collaborate with!

Louise Brierley-Ingham


With Michelle's guidance, I was able to organize my thoughts and identify my niche. The website she built perfectly conveys my mission both in writing and design. To top it off, ideal clients were reaching out to me within the first month of my new site's launch.

Emily Hoyt
Free Rein Counseling


At the end of the day, there are only a handful of people willing to accept the accountability and emotional responsibility of high-impact projects. Michelle is one of those: she wants to be in the engine room, resolving the big ideas into programs that convert.

Mark Harrison

Add 20 years of marketing experience to your company in an hour.

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